Guitar song (simple chords)

  • Composing and recording accompaniment with one guitar
  • Simple chords
  • Voice

Sometimes the text of the poem and the music style is similar to such great people as: Vladimir Vysotsky, Bulat Okudzhava, Johnny Cash. This style calles “romance” or “author’s song”. These songs are performed mainly on simple chord forms, so it’s easier to record the guitar part and it doesn’t take much time.

Guitar song (complex chords)

  • Composing and recording accompaniment with one guitar
  • Complex chords
  • Voice

If the text of the poem is voluminous and emotionally diverse, and still should sound with one guitar, then it’ll take a little more time to compose such a part and record it. The harmony in such songs sometimes resembles a melody.

Song with Two Acoustic Guitars (solo + rhythm)

  • Accompaniment for the 1st guitar
  • Solo (the 2nd guitar)
  • Voice

It happens that the text is written in the form of some kind of dialogue or appeal.  It requires “a conversation between two guitars”. In this case, we’ll not only compose the accompaniment for the 1st guitar, but also the solo for the second guitar. The process of recording and processing is much more complicated than a song with one guitar, because the part of each guitar must not only be recorded, but also processed in such a way that the sound of two guitars does not merge into one sound, and each part is heard legibly separately from the second.

Song with a Full Arrangement

  • Selecting accompaniment
  • Complex Arrangement
  • Voice

Creating a complete Arrangement is a very complicated process. Because it’s  difficult to convey emotionally in music what you can say with words. It is necessary not only to compose the harmony and melody, but also to compose and record the part for each instrument. It can take a week of work, and every day 10 hours of continuous work. Each instrument in the Arrangement is processed in such a way that when listening it can be heard, and the music is listened to as one live band!


Audiobook Creation

  • А pleasant voice
  • Musical accompaniment
  • Fast and high quality work

For those who want to turn their literary creativity into an audiobook!
Creating an audiobook for your literary work. The price depends on the amount of symbols. Please contact us to find out more info.

Online Guitar Lessons

  • Unlimited timed lessons
  • 10 lessons
  • The basics of music theory

We are often asked the question: “It’s difficult to play the guitar, isn’t it?” Therefore, we decided to open a Guitar Learning Class and show that it is absolutely not difficult! Our lessons are unlimited in time, which means that we will spend as much time with you as it takes for you to learn the material! As practice shows, this is one lesson a week with us, and then …. Play, Play, Play, PLAY! Do not think that learning through the Internet is something unreal! It’s even fun! The program is created for 10 lessons, for which you will learn not only how to perform songs of your favorite authors, but also get acquainted with the basics of improvisation and composing music on the guitar! Little of! We will not delve into the complexities of music theory, you only need the basics! 

Video sequence for your Song

  • Using stock videos
  • Adding original elements
  • Video editing

If you want to make a clip-sketch for your Song, then you’ve come to the right place! We will be happy to make a video series for your Song, so that you will definitely not remain indifferent! Video is always a good addition to the Song, it helps to convey the emotions and feelings described in it clearly. In our works we use stock videos, diluting them with original fragments, supplementing it with video editing!


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