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Welcome to the website of our recording studio “The Second Floor”.

Let’s get acquainted! My name is Mikhail Tselkovik, but I work by the pseudonym called Mikhail Evlash. This is done so that people who know me as an author do not confuse my and their work.

My introduction to music began at the age of 7.  I started my first performances at the Author’s Song festivals. Receiving my awards, such as the Grand Prix at the festival in Grodno in 2006 and others, I realized that my songs and the way I work on them are popular with people and I created a team with which we performed at many sites in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia…
Having once made my choice, now I only do music and help many people in this.

Онлайн студия звукозаписи Второй Этаж


I have my own recording studio, and people often come to me with a request to help record a song, make an arrangement, or help edit the lyrics of a song or poem.
Some people play songs with guitar, but would like to have Arrangement and “Minus” for these songs. It doesn’t always playing with one guitar brings the desired result, does it?

I will apply all my knowledges and skills to do your work at its best and there is no listener who will definitely remain indifferent!

Онлайн студия звукозаписи Второй Этаж


Most frequent questions and answers

Of course our services are paid! It’s our only income, this is what we know how, and it is better to be a good musician than a bad engineer or doctor! But our work is simple only at first glance… To explain the essence briefly, then: turn on your favorite song at normal volume… one… and listen to it for 10-12 hours every day for a week! (Then share with us your thoughts on deeper meanings and emotional experiences when you live like this for a week with a song)

My real name is Mikhail Tselkovik, but I work under the pseudonym Mikhail Evlash. This is done so that people who know me as an Author do not confuse my and your work. Therefore, the rights to the Song will belong exclusively to you!

For objective reasons, we will not take the material into work if it is:

❌ Humiliation of some people or countries!
❌Political, Religious and patriotic themes!
❌There are obscene expressions in the text!
❌If the text is written in poetic form, and the author does not want to edit it!

Unfortunately, not all poems can be set to music. There are rules for writing a song form and certain laws of versification.

When the product is ready, you receive it with built-in sound artifacts (peaks, so that you don’t think that you’ll be deceived), after full payment, you’ll receive the song without them.

There’re several music audio formats in music, but mp3 and waw are the most famous. Mp3 – compressed, for listening on any media, waw – mainly needed for working with a clip or in other cases where uncompressed material is needed.
As a bonus, I will also make a “minus” for you, that is, a song without a voice, in case you or your friends want to perform a song or poem with your own voice.


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